Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The zonk 77 a much talked lure around weymouth these days ,,,a Bass Magnet

Heres my mate Adrian Rodgers with a Fantastic Portland Bass he nailed in the weymouth festival around 4,5oz 3rd place i believe and winner of the pairs with Graham Hill i guided the pair that weekend or thats what i keep telling them ,,,Roll on 2010
Whoops!!!!!!! dident mean to put that one up all them tide minnows ,,but oh dont you just love them lures its pure plug porn,,this is my personal collection direct from japan!!

Again a perfect picture of a second bass for Adrian had a great weekend with the boys and there will be may more to come i am sure ,,as long as the photographer is there i am sure there will be a shed full of Bass in 2010

Keep watching things are getting hotter in my world of lure fishing

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Think i need a photographer

What a super day for bass on a winters day testing my new underwater camera down portland

i need to sort out these sun shots how does joe and gee do it???

Thats a bit better photos apart it looks fishy today ,i am out just testing a few lures and marks for next year got settled and then Bang,,see below

this 3lb 3oz fish fell to the old Faithfull Megabass Zonk i took my pictures and released the fish it swam off strong i am over the moon that the Bass are still around in January this is fast becoming a all year round sport ,,,and should be good for the extension of the Guiding Year

and then to my surprise another fish around 2lb.5oz again to that lure the Megabass Zonk the world suddenly got a little better,,the action was all over in 20 mins but the two fish i had today gave great accounts of themselves both fish were returned alive for another day,,

i will get the hang of this camera ,but it is very arkward when fishing alone and taking pictures